Our Mission

Fluent’s mission is simple: Enable developers to build any app in any language on Ethereum.

We think of ourselves as a translator between developers and Ethereum’s Infinite Garden. Developers should be able to step into the Infinite Garden with what they know best (e.g. the needs of their app, their favorite programming language) and it’s our job to translate what they know into the blockchain context.

Our Values

We believe that blockchains are powerful tools that can help create a much better world. We’re presented with the opportunity to build the next chapter of society on more solid and equitable foundations. We believe in permissionless innovation enabled by credibly neutral, verifiable and accountable base layers. This is why we’re very aligned with the Ethereum and modular ecosystems.

We believe in authenticity, transparency and not taking ourselves too seriously.

Meet the Team

Our team blends experience in blockchain, ZK technology, modular architecture and cryptography with experience in SaaS, developer tooling and cloud infrastructure.

Dmitry Savonin - Fluent

Dmitry Savonin

Co-founder & CTO

Dino - Fluent


Co-founder & CEO

Krinza Momin - Fluent

Krinza Momin

DevRel & Marketing

Pikergan - Fluent



Stanislav Stepanov - Fluent

Stanislav Stepanov


Mehmet Sabir Kiraz - Fluent

Mehmet Sabir Kiraz

Crypto Research Advisor

Suleyman Kardas - Fluent

Suleyman Kardas

Crypto Research Advisor

Álvaro Peña - Fluent

Álvaro Peña

Strategy & Operations


Sinka Gao - Fluent

Sinka Gao

Founder of Delphinus Lab

Deian Stefan - Fluent

Deian Stefan

Co-founder of Cubist

Ekram Ahmed - Fluent

Ekram Ahmed

Head of Marketing at Celestia

Neel Somani - Fluent

Neel Somani

Founder of Eclipse

Daniel Lubarov - Fluent

Daniel Lubarov

Co-founder of Mir, now Polygon ZK