The zkWasm L2 for Ethereum

Build Ethereum dapps in your favorite programming languages. Rust, Solidity, TypeScript and more.

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Boundless Ethereum

Fluent is a general-purpose zkWasm L2 that brings web2’s favorite execution environment onto web3’s most permissionless blockchain. Fluent offers developers the freedom to build composable apps in almost any programming language on Ethereum.

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Use languages you already love. We support any language that compiles to WebAssembly.


ZK rollups enable high throughput and low cost apps while retaining the security properties of Ethereum.


EVM extensions enable compatibility with Solidity smart contracts and tools like MetaMask.


Leverage the best module for each function in the L2 stack - shared sequencing, data availability, etc.

Explore the Fluent stack

Learn about the Fluent VM

A novel zkWasm VM built from the ground up. The Fluent VM is optimized to efficiently prove Wasm binaries while maintaining a familiar developer experience.

Learn about shared sovereign apps

A zkWasm execution layer on Ethereum, optimized for high throughput use cases and EVM compatibility. There are multiple ways to deploy on Fluent L2 - shared and sovereign apps.

Learn about Fluentbase

A framework for custom blockchains and applications. Fluentbase supports numerous execution runtimes and integrations with modular layers (e.g. sequencing, data availability).